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2020 Brand Forum

2020 Brand Forum

The 2020 Brand Forum meetings were planned as our “road trip” across the country to visit you, in your region. Our drive was to offer a more intimate setting, initiate networking with owners and operators in your region and provide the best updates, as a brand, for the Franchise Owners. Unfortunately, during these unprecedented times, our ability to travel and spend this time with all of you has been halted. We have worked hard to gather photos, presentations and create videos from the Dallas and Atlanta meetings to give you all of the information you would have received at your Brand Forum. We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available! 

Brand Forum Videos

The following video links provide access to the sales presentations from the 2020 Brand Forum Meetings. Please click on the image, and type in the password "lemon" to access the videos.

This video includes the overall sales philosophy, including National Sales Team strategic priorities for 2020 and beyond. It also includes Business-to-Business direction and what all is offered as a brand.

This video provides updates on local sales, lead generation, what's new with Group Desk, and gives information on additional resources.

In this short 10-minute clip, you can watch David Nix, VP of Revenue Management, walk you through various revenue generating programs that we provide to support your business.

This clip walks you through best practices for managing your business and staying in compliance as you work with your own Legal counsel. It also covers how to identify and stop human trafficking, and how to protect your property for the safety of all guests and team members.